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Madison BCycle FAQs

  • What is Madison BCycle?

  • Why Do we Need Madison BCycle?

  • Who Can use BCycle?

  • How Does BCycle Work?

  • How much does a BCycle pass cost?

Riding BCycle

  • How do I adjust the seat?

  • Do the bikes fit everyone?

  • How do the lights on the bike turn on and off?

  • What if a station is empty?

  • What if a station is full when I want to return my bike?

  • What if I have a flat tire?

  • What if I'm involved in an accident?

  • What if my bike is lost or stolen?

BCycle Electric Bike

  • Why electric bikes?

  • How does the e-bike work?

  • What will happen to the red bikes?

  • How will this affect my membership?

  • What should I know before I ride an e-bike?

  • When can I try one out?

  • How fast does the e-bike go?

  • How long will the battery last?

  • What if I just want to ride an old-fashioned BCycle?

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