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Riding Tips

Madison's combination of flat and hilly terrain along with many bike paths make it a great city to ride a bike. Whether you’ve been cycling for years or this is your first time on a bike since middle school, following these few steps can make your e-bike trip even easier!

Inspect the Bike

  • Make sure to check brakes, tires, and the front/rear lights before riding.
  • Madison BCycle bike seats are easily adjustable. Just open the clamp on the seat post, lower or raise your seat, and close the clamp again.
  • Problems? Re-dock the bike and give us a call at 800-473-4743

Wear a helmet

  • You should always wear a helmet when riding a bike. Make sure to bring one with you when you know you’re heading out for a ride.

Follow the rules of the road

  • Make sure to observe local traffic signs, signals, and laws at all times.
  • Ride your bike in the in bike lanes, on bike paths or on the street when needed. Never ride against traffic.
  • Signal your next move. If you are turning, point in the direction you are going. This helps cars and other cyclists understand your intentions.
  • Walk your bike on the sidewalk.

Plan a route

  • Know where you’re headed – Download the BCycle mobile app for the most up-to-date station map.

Return your bike securely to the station 

  • When returning your bike to a station, make sure it is securely locked. The dock will beep and a green light will indicate a successful return.
  • Checkout your trip history in the BCycle mobile app



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