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Noelle Miller


Stephenie Hamen


Liubóv Szwako


Raeyn Smith


Suki Berry

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Noelle Miller

Noelle Miller is an abstract painter living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado. Noelle's work stems from an interest in emotion and the manifestation of energy within everyday life. Recently, her works have been focusing on the idea of memory and feelings of nostalgia. Large swatches of color build a platform for the telling of these stories.

Stehphenie Hamen

Stephenie Hamen is a mixed media artist, working across surfaces and mediums, often mixing and merging them together. She has an evolving style, currently focused on abstraction. Her use of colorful paints and intricate geometries is something that she carries across all of her works. She travels to teach and to showcase her art pieces.



Liubóv Szwako

Liubóv Szwako "Triangulador" is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist who enjoys experimenting with spontaneous ideas using diverse and non-tranditional items as a canvas. Born and raised in Mexico City with a Russian heritage, he moved to Madison, WI in his early 20s. Liubóv is perpetually fascinated with new mediums and surfaces. You will find his work on anything from discarded curbside furniture, fine works, and large-scale murals and paintings.

Raeyn Smith

Raeyn Smith is a visual storyteller, using many types of materials to create the illustrated narrative of her work. Focusing on a blend of nature-inspired elements and intuitive, abstract art Raeyn enjoys blending many different styles and processes to achieve the desired outcome of each piece. Raeyn shows her original art at galleries, museums and local businesses regularly and hosts prints of her pieces in her online shop.



Suki Berry

Suki Berry is a queer visual artist living in Santa Cruz, CA. Underneath her indulgent landscapes, is a complex deconstruction of what it means to experience the joys of queer femininity. Altering shape and composition is a way of challenging the attitudes, fears, and unwritten rules of our environment. Her work speaks of places unseen, but at the same time comforting and memories of a place we feel we have been before, but can't quite recall.

Experience more of Suki's artwork on their Instagram page @sukiberryart

ArtWorking provides career-oriented support for artists with developmental disabilities. Artists are supported in ArtWorking's professional studio workspace, in addition to community and private settings.

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