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Trek Project One artists:



Ben Ollarzabal

Rebecca Neal

Kim Cote

Karrie Klotz


Karrie Klotz

Karrie has been a Project One painter for Trek Bicycle for 16 years.

"Working for Trek and being able to create pieces like this has been an enjoyable experience. With this bike I want to bring attention to the Rock River Rescue Foundation, whose goal is to improve the aquatic ecosystem of the Rock River in my home hometown of Watertown and surrounding areas."

Experience more of Karrie's artwork on her Instagram page @karrieklotz00 

Rock River Rescue Foundation is dedicated to cleaning up and preserving the ecosystem surrounding the Rock River in the Watertown, WI.

Click to learn more about Rock River Rescue Foundation



Rebecca Neal

Rebecca Neal has been a Project One Painter for Trek for more than 10 years.

"[Project One] is where we make many people’s dream bikes come true. I enjoy creating great looking bikes as well as a fun relaxing bike ride. I have chosen Rails to Trails organization to help support those fun and exciting rides. I love having great scenery that makes you unsure if you want to keep moving or stop and just look around for a while."

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is building a nation connected by trails. They reimagine public spaces to create safe ways for everyone to walk, bike and be active outdoors.

Click to learn more about Rails-to-Trails Conservancy



Kim Cote

Kim Cote has been a Project One Painter for Trek for more than 16 years.

"I’m a big fan of honeybees and painting anything I can get my hands on! Ever since I can remember, I have loved art projects, and finding creative ways to turn everyday objects into works of art, rather it be coffee mugs, to blankets, to bikes! My cause is for Operation Honeybee, which brings awareness to the importance of honeybees to our eco system."

Operation Honey Bee is dedicated to connecting communities of the world, to spread awareness, educate and lead the sustainable movement that will preserve bees and other pollinators for future generations.

Click to learn more about Operation Honey Bee



Ben Ollarzabal

Ben Ollarzabal has been a Project One Painter for Trek for more than 25 years.

"Painting and Trek are a family business for me, as two of my brothers, my son, and my nephew all work at Trek, and most of us paint in Project One. My cause is for the Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit dedicated to removing all the plastics from our oceans. Enjoy riding the Seafoam frame, and thanks for helping remove plastics from the oceans!"

The Ocean Cleanup is dedicated to removing all plastics from the world’s oceans, and creating technologies to prevent further pollution of them.

Click to learn more about The Ocean Cleanup


Special Thank You to Trek for supporting the Madison BCycle Art Bike Program and the Trek Project One artists for bringing awareness to the Rock River Rescue Foundation, Rails to the Trails Conservancy, Operation Honeybee and The Ocean Cleanup


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