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Keysha Monique

Keysha Monique

Keysha Monique is an artist native to Madison, WI. With a life influenced by world travel and residency overseas, a B.A. in Theatre and Drama from UW-Madison along with tragedies and victories of various forms, she is compelled to devote her life to the creation of art geared towards the healing of one's self-perception and ability to empathize with the life experiences of others. Her art aims to evoke a positive, and spiritually uplifting essence for the sake of creating positive through patterns and memories. What she thrives on in life is authenticity.

Experience more of Keysha's art at or on her Instagram page @luego_dreamer

Little Luxuries supports the female leaders of tomorrow by empowering the young girls of today. Little Luxuries believes that each girl should have the opportunity to see their true worth, recognize their inherent potential, and to receive support as they navigate unique challenges.


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