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Partnering with Bernie Witzack to support 

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Bernie Witzack



Bernie Witzack (she/her) is a designer and artist who is inspired by bright colors, weird shapes, and wild patterns. She is primarily a surface designer who makes screen prints on paper, as well as printing on, painting, and dyeing fabric to make home goods and accessories. Regardless of her medium, her process is spontaneous and improvisational, resulting in compositions that are alive with movement and feeling. She loves school, and has earned an AA in Graphic Design, a MFA in Art & Design, and a BA in Studio Art.

You can find her on Instagram @bernieandzuzu

WI Salt Wise is a coalition of organizations from across Wisconsin working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water. Our primary goals are to: educate residents, leaders and winter maintenance professionals on salt pollution and solutions, provide training and promote best practices to reduce salt pollution and recognize contractors committed to using the right amount of salt for conditions.

Click to learn more about salt pollution in our lakes


Garver Events seeks to highlight challenging, relevant, and pressing issues through art. WI Salt Wise has been a key partner in helping Garver Events achieve these goals around water sustainability. Our lakes are such an important part to the Madison ecosystem and Garver strives to do our part in reducing pollution and increasing education around salt pollution.

garvereventlogo_ALL_color - Bethany Jurewicz
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