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Partnering with Kat Culbertson to support

East Madison Community Center

Outreach LGBTQ+ Community Center

Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination

Catholic Multicultural Center


Kat Culbertson


Kat Culbertson is a lifelong artists, originally from Beloit, WI and now residing in Monona. Kat's passions lie in creativity and community.

"Artwork is a better representation of the artist than words could ever be."

Experience more of Kat's work on her Instagram @karmalover and online at

east madison

The All of Us Research Program wanted to bring attention to the work that four not-for-profits are accomplishing in our community:

The Catholic Multicultural Center is dedicated to serving its brothers and sisters in need, recognizing the whole person. They address immediate needs, provide education services, and offer spiritual and cultural activities to recognize and respect the dignity of each person.

Click to learn more about the Catholic Multicultural Center

For 50 years, the East Madison Community Center has provided a safe place for families in the Truax neighborhood to gather, learn and support one another. The Center is devoted to helping residents achieve their goals, gain skills and strengthen the community through education, employment, fitness, and socialization.

Click to learn more about the East Madison Community Center

The Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination works to unite Madison-area African-American communities at risk for economic and social disparities, such as drug addiction, criminal justice system involvement, homelessness, health-related issues, and academic failure.

Click to learn more about the Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination

The OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center is committed to equity and quality of life for all LGBTQ+ people through community building, health and human services, and economic, social, and racial justice advocacy.

Click to learn more about OutReach LGBTQ+ Community Center


The All of Us Research Program at UW–Madison is part of a national effort to enroll one million or more people in a diverse health research database to help speed up research breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of a range of diseases.

Although participation is open to anyone 18+, the program is especially focused on the inclusion of underrepresented populations, such as the African-American, Latinx, LGBTQ, and 65+ communities. Health data from diverse people will help fill gaps in knowledge about why people get sick or stay healthy. The new data could help researchers develop new and better treatments that benefit all of us

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