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Madison BCycle Introduces Virtual Bike Month Challenges in May

by Madison BCycle | Apr 30, 2020

As Madison continues to practice social distancing, navigating uncharted waters during uncertain times, our Madison BCycle Team has remained committed to keeping our riders and our staff safe. That’s why we’ve implemented measures such as wearing protective gear when working on e-bikes and stations, along with sanitizing stations and e-bikes. Additional tips are also shown on new kiosk magnets that display when the station was last visited and sanitized.

With events like Ride the Drive, Bike to Work week, and others around the isthmus rescheduled and/or cancelled, we’re happy to safely take part in an effort to promote bicycling in Madison: Virtual Bike Month.

Virtual Bike Month is a simple way to encourage healthy habits in our community, while also keeping safe and protecting ourselves. Bicycling is a great way to safely get exercise, benefiting both the body and the mind.

At Madison BCycle, we want to recognize all our riders, both member and casual, and the ways that they keep Madison moving. Throughout the month of May, riders will be able to take part in challenges that will recognize outstanding BCycl-ers(?) (we can revisit the name later).
Keep an eye out on our social media channels as we kick off a new challenge each week that both members and casual riders can participate in for a chance to win prizes, and most importantly, bragging rights.

The following events will take place starting the Sunday of each week, running through that corresponding Saturday:

May 3rd-9th: Highest number of individual BCycle trips for the week

May 10th-16th: Longest Individual trip AND Most total miles for the week

  • Two prizes this week

May 17th-23rd: Lake Loop Challenge

  • Monona or Mendota? You decide. Submit a screenshot from your trip on your BCycle Mobile App to any of our social media channels

May 24th-30th: Photo Submission

  • Don’t forget to appreciate the scenic views around the isthmus throughout the month. Tag us in your best/ most unique photos during this week from any of your BCycle trips in May

ALL MONTH: Highest number of individual trips for the entire Month

For each challenge, at the end of the week, submit a screenshot on any of our social media channels and tag us in your photos to show off your accomplishments.

During our Virtual Bike Month challenges, we want to make sure all our riders practice safe social distancing, as well as remember to wash your hands before and after your trip to keep fellow riders and our community safe.

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