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  • #WhyIBCycle: Fola A

    by Becky Lin | Apr 19,2017

    Tell us a little about yourself!
    My name is Fola A. I grew up in New York City and I moved to Madison for graduate school in 2014. I started riding B-cycle out of necessity because it was my only means of reliable transportation. When I’m not doing research for grad school, I am riding around town in my bike. Having B-cycle allows me to explore certain parts of town at an extremely low-cost.

    What is your favorite activity to do in Madison?

    I love playing basketball at James Madison Park in the summertime. It is a beautiful setting since it is right by the lake (editor's note: we love biking here!). Very picturesque.

    When and why do you choose to use BCycle instead of your own bike?

    I choose B-Cycle instead of my own bike because B-Cycle offers high-quality reliable bikes at a very low cost. Most of the bikes that I’ve purchased at the same value of a B-cycle membership have deteriorated within months : (.

    How often do you use BCycle?

    Everyday. It gets me everywhere. I even go grocery shopping with B-cycle. B-cycle is life.

    Why do you recommend bikesharing?

    Not only are you exercising but you are joining a community of people that enjoy biking. It is one of the best ways of getting around town.

    What is your favorite BCycle Memory?

    Biking all the way from the west side of Madison to the botanical gardens. It was a long journey but it was very fulfilling. B-cycle has given me buns of steel.
  • BHind the Scenes at BCycle: Ryan P

    by Becky Lin | Apr 17,2017

    Photo Mar 13, 10 29 40 (1)

    Meet Ryan P, a full-time service technician with the Madison BCycle team!

    Tell us about yourself!
    I was born in the Chicagoland area and grew up in Eagle, WI. I attended college here in Madison and graduated with degrees in communications and environmental studies. When I'm not working I am either snowboarding or out for a run. I've been married for about a year to my wife Melissa and we spend the majority of our free time in the outdoors. 

    How long have you been with Madison BCycle? 
    Almost three years now.
    What do you like about working at Madison BCycle? 
    Being outside, working with my hands, and the people I work with every day.
    What is your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    Going for runs around Lake Monona when the weather permits.

    What is your favorite BCycle memory?
     Not really anything specific, but all the unique and interesting people that we've met while working at kiosks. And setting the speed record on the BCycle stationary bikes.
  • BHind the Scenes at BCycle: Rachel L

    by Becky Lin | Apr 05,2017
    Rachel photo

    Rachel is a spring intern with Madison BCycle!

    Tell us a little about yourself
    I am currently a sophomore at UW-Madison studying finance. I’m originally from Stevens Point, WI, so I have always been a huge Badger fan!
    How long have you been with Madison BCycle?
    I started with Madison BCycle at the end of January – two months so far! I love the atmosphere at Madison BCycle. The team is super helpful and wonderful to be around. I also really appreciate that we’re working for an awesome purpose. BCycle is a healthy, environmentally friendly mode of transportation; the benefits of a bike share are incredible.
    What is your favorite BCycle memory?
    My favorite BCycle memory is riding a BCycle for the first time at the Trek Social Roll. It was a blast riding the BCycles with the team!
    What is your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    Hanging out on the Terrace with friends.
  • #WhyIBCycle: Heather K.

    by Morgan Ramaker | Mar 26,2017
    Tell us a little about yourself!
    I've lived in Madison for four years. When I’m not on campus for grad school or work, I spend my free time riding, enjoying every coffee or pizza shop, catching up on Scandal, or quilting.
    We know you’re a pretty big cyclist. When and why do you choose to use BCycle instead of your own bike? BCycle started out of convenience when my commuting bike was constantly getting flats. Not wanting to take my road or cross bikes downtown, I fell in love with BCycle. Bike sharing is a great way to get around a without the hassle of carrying a bike lock or trying to find a secure location. You know any bicycle will be in good condition and get you to your destination reliability. You're also part of a fun community that shares the joy of cycling!
    What is your favorite BCycle Memory? I really like riding BCycle on Badger football games days; it's fast, convenient and you always hear people say, "...that's a great idea!" when you ride past them. 

    We want to hear from you - Why do YOU BCycle? Email us at to be featured next!
  • We're Back! Madison BCycle's Grand Opening, March 26

    by Morgan Ramaker | Mar 24,2017

    Spring is here, and so is Madison BCycle. To celebrate our spring re-opening, we is pleased to offer Madison residents and visitors free 30-minute rides during our Grand Opening week, March 26 - April 1!

    Riders can redeem the promo code 20176736 at any Madison BCycle station for a 24-hour pass that allows unlimited 30-minute rides. Rides over 30 minutes are subject to usage fees, and a credit card is required to reserve a bike. Riders can find their nearest BCycle station by visiting our station map or by downloading the BCycle app.

    Free rides are made possible through partnerships with UW Transportation Services, UW Health, Ian’s Pizza, Trek Store of Madison, All Campus Party, UW Credit Union, and Madison’s Central Business Improvement District.

    In addition to free rides, several sponsors will be offering freebies and discounts throughout the week, which will be promoted through Madison BCycle’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Stay tuned...

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