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Memorial Union BCycle Itinerary

by Allison Bentheimer | Jul 19, 2018

So, you're looking for something fun to do this weekend in our gorgeous city? Madison BCycle has you covered! Please follow along for an epic Memorial Union bike share adventure itinerary!

1. For this adventure, start by picking up your bike at Memorial Union and make your way to Hilldale Mall. Follow the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path for the easiest/fastest/most beautiful route. Dock your bike at our station right outside of Metcalfe's and grab some lunch at one of the many great restaurants. While your're there, check out the new L.L. Bean and Apple stores!

2. After your break, grab another bike from our Hilldale station. Use our baskets for any goodies you might have purchased! But, make sure you save some room in the basket for your next stop - Maxwell Street Days. Now you'll be biking back towards State Street via the Lakeshore Path - or ride along Campus Drive to mix things up :)

3. Once on State Street, take a quick ride up and down to peek at all the action happening for Maxwell Street Days. Stop along the way for any good finds you see or friends to say hello to. 

4. Lastly, head on back to Memorial Union for the final docking of your BCycle bike. Grab some well-deserved and extremely delicious Babcock ice cream from the Daily Scoop. If it's Saturday night, hang around for a concert by Foreign Goods at 9pm or for an outdoor screening of Sister Act 2 if it's Sunday night - all happening out on the Terrace.

And that is all for your weekend BCycle ride folks! Stay tuned for next week's write up for fun things to do with Madison BCycle surrounding our Law Park station. 


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