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  • #WhyIBCycle - Jack

    by User Not Found | Aug 01,2017
    Meet Jack, a rising junior and SOAR program assistant at UW-Madison!

    Tell us a little about yourself!WhyIBCycle - Jack
    I'm going to be a junior at UW-Madison, and I am studying Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences. This summer I am working with the Center for the First Year Experience as an Orientation Assistant for the SOAR program.

    When do you use BCycle?
    I mostly use BCycle on work days for the SOAR program. It's a good, quick way to get from the SOAR center at Union South to home or the student advising hub at College Library. BCycle comes in handy if we need to transport supplies or just travel from one place to another in a timely matter.

    Why do you recommend bike sharing?
    I recommend bike sharing because Madison is such a bike friendly city! There are plenty of BCycle stations located throughout Madison, and it makes travel throughout the city fun and efficient. Additionally, for out-of-state students BCycle allows access to bikes without having to worry about bringing a bike or moving it around when the school year ends.

    Do you have a favorite BCycle memory?
    My favorite BCycle memory was my first ever BCycle ride. I had always been curious how the system worked, and I was excited when I had an opportunity to give it a shot. The computer geek in me was also impressed with the BCycle app (Editor's note: We think our mobile app is pretty slick as well!). I got on the app, planned my route, and had a fun ride around the city.

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