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#WhyIBCycle - Susan

by Morgan Ramaker | Jul 26, 2017
Meet Susan, President of Downtown Madison, Inc. and BCycle advocate!

Tell us a little about yourself!Susan Schmitz
I am the President of Downtown Madison, Inc. (DMI). DMI is a downtown advocacy membership organization of 500 members.  I work every day in downtown Madison and I commute to work from the near west side on my bike every day—all year round.   

When do you use BCycle?
I use BCycle for meetings during the day (that I need to attend) in the greater downtown area. It is easier to hop on a BCycle than to use my own bike—I love the basket for my purse and folders!

Why do you recommend bike sharing?
As our city urbanizes and becomes more dense, BCycle is the easiest way to get around quickly/safely and with no parking challenges!

What is your favorite BCycle memory?
Riding from Sardine Restaurant to the Union Terrace on a beautiful summer evening with a flowy silk skirt and no shoes (I put my shoes in the basket).  It was awesome! 

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