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  • BHind the Scenes at BCycle: Erik

    by User Not Found | Jun 27,2017

    Meet Erik, BCycle technician and UW-Madison senior!

    Tell us a little about yourself!#WhyIBCycle - Erik
    I am a senior at UW- Madison. I will graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in BSE Machinery Systems Engineering, a certificate in Chinese communication, and a certificate in International Engineering with an area focus on China. Originally, I am from Glenview, IL. I like being outdoors, playing volleyball, biking, retro videogames, and cooking.

    What do you like about working at Madison BCycle?
    I like being closer to a community of avid bikers and getting to work outdoors! The friendly and fun work environment and coworkers are a plus too!

    What is your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    There are so many! The first that come to mind are pick-up volleyball at James Madison Park and playing Euchre at the Terrace.

    What is your favorite restaurant in Madison?
    The Banzo food cart has always got me coming back for more.

  • #WhyIBCycle: Stefanie

    by User Not Found | Jun 20,2017
    Meet Stefanie, avid BCycle commuter and UW Health employee! She takes advantage of the $20 membership for UW Health employees. Learn more about why she loves BCycle.

    Tell us a little about yourself!Stef and BCycle 2 (002)
    My parents instilled the love of biking in me as a child. My sister Susi, my best friend Denise and I spent our entire summers in the suburbs of Chicago on our bikes. When I moved to Madison almost 23 years ago, I was so impressed by the bike trails!

    When do you use BCycle?
    I first used a BCycle while in Denver for a conference. I used it to explore the shops and restaurants of the city that I wouldn’t have been able to travel to by foot. So I was thrilled when BCycle came to Madison! My primary use of BCycle here is commuting from work to home. I am not a morning person so biking on my own bike to work is not going to happen. My husband drives me to work in the morning and I bike home. It is a fantastic way to unwind and get exercise in at the same time!

    Why do you recommend bike sharing?
    I love bike sharing! It’s a great way to experience Madison and exercise at the same time without needing a bike of your own. My husband and I spent most of our honeymoon exploring Chicago using their bike sharing system. It was a great way to see the city on the cheap. Before our trip, my husband hadn’t ridden a bike since he was a child.

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