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#WhyIBCycle: Luke

by Morgan Ramaker | May 23, 2017
Meet Luke, BCyclist and Dad extraordinaire! Here's why he says BCycle is life:

"I'm a dad of 2 little boys (5 and 2) and time to exercise is VERY lLuke and future BCyclist Cameronimited. I use BCycle to get in a pre/post work workout by parking near the UW Credit Union station on the far west side and bike downtown to the Department of Health Services. The 25-30 min ride both ways gives me the exercise I need to keep up with my boys. It also saves me a BOAT LOAD of money in parking and bus fare."

"One of the features I love about BCycle is the rider leader board. I was 14th place after the season ended last year and I have a goal to place in the top 10 this year. It's just the motivation I need to grab a BCycle each day vs. driving in to work."

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