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  • BHind the Scenes at BCycle: Griff

    by Morgan Ramaker | May 18,2017
    Meet Griff, our Operations Manager--e.g., the man who gets things done! Griff iGriff (2)s known for fixing anything and everything, drinking an endless supply of coffee, eating a record 5.5 slices of Ian's Pizza in one sitting, and never being seen without a hat.

    How long have you been with Madison BCycle?
    Since January 2013, the longest of the team.

    What do you like about working at Madison BCycle?
    Shoveling out stations after a great winter.

    What is your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    Installing Madison BCycle Stations to get ready for another season.

    What is your favorite restaurant in Madison?

    What is your favorite BCycle memory? 
    Finding Canadian Coins in Baskets is my pastime.

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