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  • #WhyIBCycle: Garrett

    by Morgan Ramaker | May 09,2017
    Meet Garrett, a former professional cyclist, and current active BCyclist!
    Bcycle GP
    Tell us a little about yourself! 
    I moved to Madison about 5 years ago for my PhD in exercise science. Prior to that I cycled for the UW-Madison cycling team and then professionally on the domestic and international levels. Nowadays I don't race but do consider myself a professional BCyclist!

    Why do you choose to use BCycle instead of your own bike?

    Convenience is really nice, just being able to go to a station and check out a bike and know you can return it to a different station without being worried about maintenance. I also like supporting the community infrastructure for exercise, and it’s a sustainable transportation option.

    What is your favorite BCycle Memory?

    A few years ago, one nice day in the summer, I BCycled to all of the stations. (Editor’s note: we like to call this the Tour de BCycle!)

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