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  • #WhyIBCycle: Luke

    by Morgan Ramaker | May 23,2017
    Meet Luke, BCyclist and Dad extraordinaire! Here's why he says BCycle is life:

    "I'm a dad of 2 little boys (5 and 2) and time to exercise is VERY lLuke and future BCyclist Cameronimited. I use BCycle to get in a pre/post work workout by parking near the UW Credit Union station on the far west side and bike downtown to the Department of Health Services. The 25-30 min ride both ways gives me the exercise I need to keep up with my boys. It also saves me a BOAT LOAD of money in parking and bus fare."

    "One of the features I love about BCycle is the rider leader board. I was 14th place after the season ended last year and I have a goal to place in the top 10 this year. It's just the motivation I need to grab a BCycle each day vs. driving in to work."

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  • BHind the Scenes at BCycle: Griff

    by Morgan Ramaker | May 18,2017
    Meet Griff, our Operations Manager--e.g., the man who gets things done! Griff iGriff (2)s known for fixing anything and everything, drinking an endless supply of coffee, eating a record 5.5 slices of Ian's Pizza in one sitting, and never being seen without a hat.

    How long have you been with Madison BCycle?
    Since January 2013, the longest of the team.

    What do you like about working at Madison BCycle?
    Shoveling out stations after a great winter.

    What is your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    Installing Madison BCycle Stations to get ready for another season.

    What is your favorite restaurant in Madison?

    What is your favorite BCycle memory? 
    Finding Canadian Coins in Baskets is my pastime.
  • #WhyIBCycle: Garrett

    by Morgan Ramaker | May 09,2017
    Meet Garrett, a former professional cyclist, and current active BCyclist!
    Bcycle GP
    Tell us a little about yourself! 
    I moved to Madison about 5 years ago for my PhD in exercise science. Prior to that I cycled for the UW-Madison cycling team and then professionally on the domestic and international levels. Nowadays I don't race but do consider myself a professional BCyclist!

    Why do you choose to use BCycle instead of your own bike?

    Convenience is really nice, just being able to go to a station and check out a bike and know you can return it to a different station without being worried about maintenance. I also like supporting the community infrastructure for exercise, and it’s a sustainable transportation option.

    What is your favorite BCycle Memory?

    A few years ago, one nice day in the summer, I BCycled to all of the stations. (Editor’s note: we like to call this the Tour de BCycle!)

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