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  • #WhyIBCycle: Heather K.

    by Morgan Ramaker | Mar 26,2017
    Tell us a little about yourself!
    I've lived in Madison for four years. When I’m not on campus for grad school or work, I spend my free time riding, enjoying every coffee or pizza shop, catching up on Scandal, or quilting.
    We know you’re a pretty big cyclist. When and why do you choose to use BCycle instead of your own bike? BCycle started out of convenience when my commuting bike was constantly getting flats. Not wanting to take my road or cross bikes downtown, I fell in love with BCycle. Bike sharing is a great way to get around a without the hassle of carrying a bike lock or trying to find a secure location. You know any bicycle will be in good condition and get you to your destination reliability. You're also part of a fun community that shares the joy of cycling!
    What is your favorite BCycle Memory? I really like riding BCycle on Badger football games days; it's fast, convenient and you always hear people say, "...that's a great idea!" when you ride past them. 

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