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Winter Riding Tips - Make the Most of Winter Riding with Madison BCycle

by Martha Laugen | Dec 10, 2015

It's true - we're rolling through the winter!      BCYCLE WINTER
Winter bike share is convenient, healthy and fun. Before you roll, check out these tips to say safe, cozy and to make the most of your winter BCycle experience.

  1. Use Common Sense:
    • Wear warm clothing, including adequate gloves and boots;
    • Wear a helmet
    • Do not ride a BCycle unless the front and rear lights are functioning
    • Do not ride on excessively snowy or icy surfaces
    • Be extra cautious when riding in the dark 

  2. Stay Warm: Bike sharing is for short trips, and it takes a biking body a while to warm up. Dress in layers and shed as needed to stay cozy from checkout to dock on your ride. Cover the extremities – head and hands – but be sure you can see clearly and operate your brakes and gears safely.
  3. Keep the Toes Toasty! Warm feet help keep a rider cozy!  As our chain guards and fenders protect you from puddles, slush and spray, you can wear your trendiest winter boots on the BCycle without worry!

  4. See and B Seen: Ride within your own skill level – this winter, and always. If conditions don’t feel comfortable to you, find an alternate way to make a trip. You know your experience level best. Keep a keen eye out for other road users – cars, busses, bikes – and make sure they can see (& predict) you. B safe and B smart!


  5. Maps & Apps: Check here frequently to plan your trips between stations available for winter operations. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our website for weather-related operations updates. Check dock and bike availability on the free BCycle Now app. 

  6. Plan B…and C: As always, have a back-up plan to make your trip: bus, taxi, ride-share, your own bike, etc. B prepared with an alternate Plan B!

Last but not least – HAVE FUN! Ride a bunch and share your pics and stories with us on social media! 

Read more about winter bicycling gear and riding tips here and also here!

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