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  • Top Rider Tuesday | Bob Paolino

    by Christina Otten | Aug 11,2015

    Happy Top Rider Tuesday, folks! On this beautiful Tuesday, allow me to introduce to you Bob Paolino, our Madison BCycle #8 Top Rider.


    Some Bob Paolino Fast Facts:
    Name: Bob Paolino

    Favorite BCycle station and why
    Willy & Few. Why? Because with only seven docks, it is the smallest B Station in the system and is also among the most isolated from its B Station friends. Editor’s Note: While Bob loves this ‘hidden gem,’ of a B Station, he would also love to see another one spring up close by for even greater access. We hear you, Bob, and we’re working on it!
    Favorite feature of Madison BCycle: Convenience for making short trips around the city--for commuting, for lunch, for errands at local businesses, for entertainment, for recreation, for fun!

    Favorite ice cream flavor:
    C'mon, asking me for my favourite ice cream flavour is as bad as having people ask me "What's your favourite beer?" as though there could be only one. Just as the whole idea of craft beer is the variety rather than the boredom of the same thing all the time, one should also embrace variety in ice cream. That said, a couple scoops of frozen custard (usually, but not necessarily or exclusively vanilla) in a glass of stout or porter is yummy.

    Favorite restaurant in Madison:
    There you go again, asking me to choose one at the exclusion of other worthy choices.

    Favorite thing to do during Summer:
    Play hockey, taste craft beer, and (of course) drive BCycles.

    Brat, dog, or burger?
    Burger... with a good beer of course.

    Do you own your own bicycle? If so, why do you choose to ride BCycle as well?
    Yes, a road bike and a "hybrid" commuter bike. Easy (usually) to pick up and return when I am away from home and want to make a quick trip from Point-A to Point-B that I would otherwise make on foot or by car. No locks to carry, no separate lights to attach, none of all those extra gears as on my own bikes to confuse me. ;-).

    Thanks for letting us introduce you, Bob! And thanks for all of your craft beer insight-- every Wisconsinite must stay informed on these important topics! 

    Happy riding! And as always, #ridethered!


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