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  • Top Rider Tuesday | B.J. Lee

    by Christina Otten | Aug 04,2015

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    Happy Tuesday, folks! In the midst of a busy Trek World week,
    it is important to remember the little things....
    like our wonderful BCycle top riders!!
    This week we present our #1 Top Rider,
    thats right Numero Uno;
    the one, the only, B.J. Lee.

    B.J. currently has 505 rides,
    which is 195 more than our friend Ron Singer's 310 rides.
    So B.J has quite the lead,
    at least for now!

    Some B.J. Lee Fast Facts:
    Name: B.J. Lee

    : Shelbyville, Kentucky

    : Cook

    Favorite BCycle station and why
    : Monroe & Knickerbocker, because it is the only B Station named after a founding father president and one of the first NBA franchises.

    Favorite feature of Madison BCycle
    : The basket and the 2nd gear.  

    Favorite ice cream flavor
    : Rum Raisin

    Favorite restaurant in Madison
    : Taco Palace (aka Tex Tubb's.)

    Favorite things to do during Summer
    : Watching the British Open, MTV Music Video Awards, and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest on the 4th of July.

    Brat, dog, or burger?
    Unfortunately, I can't eat any of these but am happy to cook them for the public!

    Favorite quotes:

    - "The way I see it, there are two worlds. One that is and one that should be.  And with some hard work and a little bit of luck, sometimes those two worlds touch. This is one of those moments." - Tom Cavanagh in the series finale of "Ed". (2004)
    - "Ninjas? Why'd they have to be Ninjas?!" - Gus from "Recess: School's Out" (2001)‬‬
    - "Super Mega Ukuele!!!!!" - Kevin from "Minions" (2015)

    Do you own your own bicycle? If so, why do you choose to ride BCycle as well? Yes.  Every year my bike and I get into disputed contract negotiations revolving around 1 year deals. His agent and I usually take around 8 months to come to a mutual agreement.  Luckily, these negotiations occur usually between the months of April and November so it's perfect timing to ride a B-Cycle.‬‬

    Thanks for letting us introduce you, B.J.! You are too funny and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning a little about you. 
    Want to catch up to B.J.!? Better start riding! Make sure to check out our Station Map and keep up with us on social media (FacebookInstagram, & Twitter)! 
    Thanks for riding, everyone! Enjoy this beautiful weather. And as always, #ridethered.

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