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Top Rider Tuesday | Ron Singer

by Christina Otten | Jul 28, 2015

Happy Top Rider Tuesday! 

Remember seeing the photo of the current #2 Top Rider Ron and his adorable puppy Riley using B-Connected in Austin, Texas last week? We thought it would be nice if the Madison BCycle Top Riders had a little introduction to the rest of the BCycle community, much like the summer interns introduced ourselves. And today, we introduce to you Ron Singer.
Ron Singer top rider
Not only was Ron the Top Rider in 2012, but he was also the first rider to complete Le Tour de B-cycle for the 2013 season! He has been an avid BCycler from the very beginning-- he first joined in May of 2011, came in second for the Top Rider challenge, and was so amped to be the Top Rider that he went on to win the following year! 

Ron is retired with two children, two step children, and a bunch of super cute grandchildren...and best not forget his BCycle riding companion, Riley! He is a lover of biking, swimming, and being active in general. You have probably seen him BCycling around Madison most days, or volunteering with BCycle at several events over the summer! 
Ron and Riley
Some Ron Singer fast facts:
Name:  Ron Singer
Hometown: New York
Occupation: Retired
Favorite BCycle station and whyJenifer & Willy St., because it is steps from his home.
Favorite feature of Madison BCycle: Being able to make one-way trips without concern about getting your bike back home. (For example, being able to BCycle to work on a beautiful morning and take the bus home if it beings to rain that afternoon = huge perk!)
Favorite ice cream flavor: Orange Custard and Chocolate Chip. Yum!
Brat, dog, or burger?  Veggie anything.
Favorite quote: "...Nothing to fear but fear itself" - FDR
Do you own your own bicycle? If so, why do you choose to ride BCycle as well? Ron actually owns three of his own bicycles, but he only rides them if using BCycle is not an option.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about Ron! Keep your eyes peeled for more Top Rider Tuesday fun in the coming weeks!

Happy riding, BCyclers! And as aways, #ridethered.

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