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  • Meet the Interns | Brandon Caplin

    by Christina Otten | Jun 29,2015

    Introducing…….Brandon Caplin!

    brandonBrandon is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. Just for perspective, Apple Valley is about 20 miles south of the Twin Cities and 10 miles from the Mall of America. Brandon is studying Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He will be a junior in the fall and hopes to graduate in spring of 2017. After graduation, Brandon’s dream is to work at a marketing or advertising firm in Chicago. As a BCycle intern, Brandon has come to realize how important both teamwork and having fun are in the workplace, and appreciates the freedom to be creative that often comes along with working at a smaller company.

    Upon thinking about one of his favorite BCycle memories, Brandon said: “My favorite memory with riding BCycles was the first time I was able to get my roommate to try out a BCycle. We took a couple bikes from the Union South station and headed to the Terrace. It was a beautiful day at the lake…we even worked on our tans a little. My roommate has been an avid BCycler ever since!"

    Some Brandon Caplin fast facts:

    Name: Brandon Caplin

    Age: 20

    From: Apple Valley, Minnesota

    Favorite BCycle station and why: Union South, because it is right outside my current apartment.

    My role as an intern: I help to run the BCycle Twitter page, put out the monthly newsletters, as well as help table during events to inform people about BCycle.

    Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    Favorite restaurant in Madison: Red Sushi on King Street.

    Favorite thing to do during Summer: Frolf (aka “Frisbee-Golf,” a sport played much like golf, but with a Frisbee).

    Brat, dog, or burger? Burger.

    Favorite quote: “Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur” - That which is said in Latin sounds profound.      
    (Obviously Brandon is a funny one)

    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.56.15 PM.

    Keep your eyes open for Brandon out and about! And don't forget to buy your discounted BCycle membership for only $45 through July 6th!
    Happy riding! And as always, #ridethered


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