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  • Madison BCycle 2015 Launches with New Price Option

    by Martha Laugen | Mar 16,2015

    (Madison, WI) - The Madison BCycle urban bike share system launches its 2015 season on Tuesday, March 17th. Along with the signature red bikes, Madison BCycle rolls out new pricing options to make the system more accessible.

    Walk-up customers can now check out a bike at any station, paying $3 for every 30 minutes of ride time. A $3 fee accrues each half-hour increment from check out until a bike is returned to any station in the system. More frequent riders can still purchase a monthly auto-renewing or annual membership which allows unlimited, free trips under 30 minutes, and usage fees of $3 each half-hour increment after, until the bike is returned to any station.

    "We want to keep things simple and encourage even more riders to go by BCycle," notes Madison BCycle City Manager, Martha Laugen, "The $3 per 30 minute pricing is clear for customers unfamiliar with traditional bike share pricing. This way, kiosk users sign up at the station, choose a bike and are quickly on their way."

    Madison BCycle has continued to show record ridership since its initial launch in 2011. In 2014 riders took over 104,000 total trips using the system, an average of 400 checkouts per day from March through December. The BCycle network of stations grew to 39 locations, spanning from Olbrich Gardens to the new UW Health Digestive Health Center on University Avenue. 

    The Madison BCycle season officially kicks off at noon on Tuesday, March 17th at the station at the corner of Hamilton and Main Streets. To mark the St. Patrick's Day launch, BCycle will introduce a uniquely green "Lucky BCycle" into the iconic red fleet. 

    According to Laugen, "Bicycling is truly a green transportation option and we are pleased to see more residents and visitors experience the benefits and fun of bike sharing." 

    Get Started: 
    NEW! Walk-up Pricing: $3/30 minutes

    Go to any station kiosk. Check out a bike for just $3 per 30 minutes. Return bike to any BCycle station dock to park and reset your trip timer.

    Online Purchase

    Sign up online for 24-hour, monthly or year-long memberships.
    Usage Fees
    As always, Madison BCycle is bike sharingUsage fees apply for trips longer than 30 minutes. Dock bikes at any BCycle station to park and reset your trip timer.  

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