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  • John Nolen at Law Park BCycle Itinerary

    by Casey Harris | Jul 26,2018

    Madison’s Parks are one of the many things that make our city so great. So what better way to spend your Sunday then to grab a BCycle at one and do a little exploring? Follow along for our John Nolen @ Law Park itinerary.

    1. Your first step is going to be to grab a BCycle either at our John Nolen @ Law Park Station or one near by (Williamson St & Jennifer St.). From here the fun begins with a quick bike out to Atwood Ave for Atwood Fest along the Capital City Trail.

    2. Once in the neighborhood, dock your BCycle at our Eastwood & Division Station right in the middle of the fun. At the festival enjoy all of the live music, good food, and craft vendors. You can find more information on who’s playing when here:

    3. After living it up at Atwood Fest, grab another BCycle from the Eastwood Division Station to start heading back to downtown. But now, you’re going to be stopping at B.B. Clarke Beach Park. This park is perfect for a quick dip or just enjoying the views of Lake Monona.

    4. Last but not least, your BCycle adventure will wrap up at John Nolen @ Law Park. If you’ve timed it right you can be here to see the sunset or to watch the Mad-City Ski Team perform at show at 5:15 on Sunday.

    And that is all we have planned for our weekend BCycle Itinerary! We’d love to see any pictures you take along the way on social media, tag us at Madison_BCycle!

    Law Park Blog Posting Map


  • Memorial Union BCycle Itinerary

    by Allison Bentheimer | Jul 19,2018

    So, you're looking for something fun to do this weekend in our gorgeous city? Madison BCycle has you covered! Please follow along for an epic Memorial Union bike share adventure itinerary!

    1. For this adventure, start by picking up your bike at Memorial Union and make your way to Hilldale Mall. Follow the Howard Temin Lakeshore Path for the easiest/fastest/most beautiful route. Dock your bike at our station right outside of Metcalfe's and grab some lunch at one of the many great restaurants. While your're there, check out the new L.L. Bean and Apple stores!

    2. After your break, grab another bike from our Hilldale station. Use our baskets for any goodies you might have purchased! But, make sure you save some room in the basket for your next stop - Maxwell Street Days. Now you'll be biking back towards State Street via the Lakeshore Path - or ride along Campus Drive to mix things up :)

    3. Once on State Street, take a quick ride up and down to peek at all the action happening for Maxwell Street Days. Stop along the way for any good finds you see or friends to say hello to. 

    4. Lastly, head on back to Memorial Union for the final docking of your BCycle bike. Grab some well-deserved and extremely delicious Babcock ice cream from the Daily Scoop. If it's Saturday night, hang around for a concert by Foreign Goods at 9pm or for an outdoor screening of Sister Act 2 if it's Sunday night - all happening out on the Terrace.

    And that is all for your weekend BCycle ride folks! Stay tuned for next week's write up for fun things to do with Madison BCycle surrounding our Law Park station. 

  • Introducing BCycle With Bucky

    by Casey Harris | Jun 27,2018
    BCycle With Bucky
    BCycle and Bucky lovers, this one's for you! We're sure you have noticed the 85 incredible Bucky statues sprinkled throughout Madison for Bucky on Parade, brought to you by the Madison Area Sports Commission.

    We're a little biased, but we think these statues are best explored by bike. So, we've developed the BCycle with Bucky Challenge, designed to spark your creativity and help you see as many Buckys as possible via BCycle.

    How does it work?
    The BCycle with Bucky Challenge runs from July 1st - July 31st, 2018. All BCycle riders (daily walk ups, monthly, annual) are encouraged to participate. During your rides snap a picture of your BCycle with one (or two or three...) of your favorite Buckys around town. Put your creativity on display!

    Tag us in your photo(s) on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @Madison_BCycle AND use the hashtag #bcyclewithbucky.

    Winners will be chosen for the following three categories
    1. Most Creative
    2. Most Buckys Visited
         - Post multiple times or make a collage!

    3. Public's Favorite Photo 
         - Voting will take place on social media

    Top winners in each category will receive a prize. Prizes may include one of the following:
    - Free annual BCycle membership
    - Bontager Helmet
    - Bucky on Parade Memorabilia 

    - You must be using a BCycle Bike in the photo
    - You must be 18 years of age or older (sorry kiddos!)
    - You must tag us in your posted picture and use the hashtag #bcyclewithbucky to be eligible

    Thank you for your interest in the 2018 BCycle with Bucky Challenge! 

  • BHind the Scenes -- Alex

    by Lee Sensenbrenner | Dec 28,2017

    Tell us a little about yourself! IMG_0324 (2)
    I'm a native of Northeastern Wisconsin and am taking some prerequisite classes to start an accelerated nursing program in 2018!

    My dream is to be a pediatric endocrine nurse to help newly diagnosed type one diabetic kiddos go through what I did when I was diagnosed at age 11. I moved to Madison in 2015, following college graduation, and have loved every second of living in this beautiful city. 

    What do you like about working at Madison BCycle?
    I love seeing people in the community riding our bikes. Knowing that we are making such a positive impact on the health of the citizens and helping the environment is a cause I can really stand behind and gets me jazzed to go to work. 

    What's your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    Some of my favorite activities to do in Madison include kayaking on Lake Monona and the Yahara River, people watching on the square, and utilizing the vast network of trails for running and biking. 

    What is your favorite BCycle memory?
    I love some of the views we get when driving the vans. I also love going out in the field and getting to know both the BCycle team and our riders better. 

  • BHind the Scenes: BCycle Profile -- Lee Sensenbrenner

    by Lee Sensenbrenner | Dec 05,2017

    Tell us a little about yourself!
    One of my first jobs was as a bicycle mechanic, and I've always liked taking stuff apart, discovering how it works, and making repairs. Bikes are especially appealing to work on because they're fun, elegant machines that can solve so many complex problems.
    BCycle employee Lee Sensenbrenner

    What do you like about working at Madison BCycle?
    As fun as the bikes are, it's really the people. The team at BCycle is great -- they're committed, funny, talented and hard working. And I really enjoy our riders -- every time I see someone riding a BCycle, it makes me happy. Our riders, by their daily practice, are building a new transportation network.

    What's your favorite activity to do in Madison?
    My partner, Meg, and I have three kids together and getting them outside is our favorite thing, whether it's biking, swimming, hiking around, or having fun on the lakes.

    What is your favorite BCycle memory?
    Whenever I get to ride two bikes at a time to balance out the stations, that's pretty fun. Also, driving the truck over Observatory and seeing Lake Mendota on the way to the busy Charter Street Station is always beautiful -- those are some of the daily rituals that really stay with me.        

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